Eco-Traveler is a responsible travel company that enables sustainable outdoor and adventure tourism through local market development. Eco-Traveler works towards bringing a mind shift among travelers as well local stakeholders through engagement, education, initiatives and practical demonstrations for all.

Eco-Traveler is a social enterprise, giving direct economic benefit to host communities and we also use profits earned  towards Ecosystem conservation mechanisms and sustainable tourism enterprise development. Eco-Traveler specialises in curating Eco-responsible Tours and Cultural Immersions  in various parts of the Indian Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir) and few other parts of the country (Gujrat, Karnataka, Maharashtra) with tours for all age groups and across passions (culture tours, trekking, cycling expeditions, volunteering programs)


Tanya Roy – Founder

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Tanya is an avid traveler from a very young age. She completed her Masters in Hospitality and Tourism from Switzerland. Born into a defense family she was introduced to moving from place to place and adapting cultures from a very young age. She started Eco-Traveler post working in sales, marketing and operations in the Banking, Hospitality and Telecom sector. She also spent some time working in CSR and PPP space in the Social sector primarily in Environment Conservation and Forest Enterprise Management. She specialises in strategic planning and implementation of Ecotourism specific to geographies and their indigenous culture, traditions and agriculture. Every experience offered at Eco-Traveler has been curated by Tanya in order to ensure minimum footprint and direct economic benefit to the local stake-holders. She wishes to change the way people travel through Eco-Traveler.


Dr. Preeti Aggrawal – Sustainability Advisor

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Preeti is a sustainability professional and avid nature enthusiast. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Natural Resources Management and Masters in Water Resources Management from TERI University in Delhi, India. She advises Eco-Traveler to design strategic and effective programs targeting responsible tourism and livelihood generation in India. Also, she manages India CSR program for an American Telecom Infrastructure firm, and has been working in field of environment conservation, climate impact advocacy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for almost eight years now. She specializes in strategic research and advocacy on environmental conservation, livelihood generation and behavioral change. She wishes to nurture sustainable behavior in fellow people and change the way community interacts with environment, through Eco-Traveler.


Priyanshu Thapliyal – Chief Everything Officer (CEO)


Priyanshu Thapliyal is an environmental researcher with interests in the study of socio-natural relationships and community-based natural resource management. He is an avid reader and indulgent conversationalist. He has traveled to remote parts of the country and worked with indigenous communities to carry out natural resource assessments and develop local sustainable enterprises. At Eco-traveler, He works towards delivering experiential travel in rural villages of India through curated tours and trekking expeditions. He is also the creative director at Eco-Traveler.



Shikha Agnihotri – Co-Founder, Young Edsplorers


Shikha has been part of the travel industry for the past 9 years with expertise in Sales, Operations, Marketing and Strategy Planning. She has been using her skills and perspective developed through academic and work experience effectively and creatively for the holistic development and guidance of children and youth. With a vision for students, she thinks children should be given all sorts of experiences to grow and explore the world to become global citizens. Young Edsplorer and Eco-Traveler together work closely with each other with schools across PAN India for various experiential educational outdoor programs. For more information log on to