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Rhododendron – A wild Himalayan Flower found mostly in a moist Himalayan forest typically at at altitude above 5000ft. Rhododendron has many health benefits, it purifies the blood, reduces the risk of cancer, cures inflammation and enhances the functioning of your kidney and liver.

At Eco-Traveler, we help you travel, travel not just for a break from your mundane routine, but a travel that heals you from within and enhances your health. We wish to give you a life changing experience, hence we bring to this unique trek that has been designed for a perfect extended weekend healthy getaway. Lets take to you into The Great Himalayan Forests, lets take you into a parallel life were you are in the midst of passing clouds, dancing trees, clean stream water and song of million birds and plus some healing practices by our experts on the trek.

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The Great Himalayan National Park Trekking and Exploration is an Easy Trek for beginners and a great experience for families with young kids too. Its a 2 night and 3 day trekking experience, one can extend their trip and relax in the traditional home stays of Tirthan Valley and indulge in their local cuisines. This is more of an exploration trek, rather than following a typical trek route, one gets to engage more in the flora and fauna.



The Great Himalayan National Park is a UNESCO declared world heritage site, it is an Eco-zone and a preserved forest area. UNESCO recognised it due to the forests’s possesion of over 200 species of birds and several species of animals including the black bear and leopard, bordering the Great Himalayan National Park on the other side of the valley is the Pin Valley National Park, the home of snow leopards. We trust now you are assured of an experiences emerged in the wilderness.

We also believe in being a responsible traveler and adventurer, at each step of our travel experiences, we show you and motivate you on how to travel in harmony with the destination you are traveling to.

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Great Himalayan National Park – Trekking and Exploration

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